Play annotation Ndi Unhsahgheli shlup [Qezdeghnenh] tults'et. Tahna'ina shlup tults'et da łuq'u hqilnit.
Well the very first ship arrived [to Kustatan]. When the Underwater People’s ship sailed in, everyone was afraid.
Play annotation Ts'iłt'an ts’iłt’an quht'ana hyanq'u k'usht'a h'ilnigh h’ilnit.
There was only one man who never was afraid.
Play annotation k’usht’a h’ilnigh nuk’ughinik. Shlup'a nuk'ughinik.
He was not afraid, and he went out to the ship. He went out to the ship.
Play annotation Baydalgi eł ts'iłq'u daqeyghiłtan.
They picked him up together with his boat.
Play annotation Łuq'u niłk'uch't'a qyudiqghilu, ch'u naqanghatnik.
They put in (his boat) everything, various things, and he went back ashore.
Play annotation Yethdi Tahna'ina hdghini.
And they were called the Underwater People.
Play annotation Łuq'u łuq'u niłk'uch't'a qyudiqghilu, naqank’dal’un.
They put in (his boat) everything, various things, he transported that back ashore.
Play annotation Unhsah gheli Tahna'ina tughaznik da yet shughu tl'inqin ghuduhdi.
After the Underwater People first came, then there were sewing needles, etc.
Play annotation Ye ki ughasht'a qeyq'aynidulnik.
These they [the Dena'ina] learned to use quickly.
Play annotation Nuzhnich yethdi k'usht'a qit’a qeydinil ch’u tl'ił qyaninggezh ch'u qeył nusank'nalyuh t’qiluq.
But they could not figure out the scissors and they strung a line through them and they hung them around their necks.
Play annotation Izin ghuduhdi shughu izin ghuduhdi qizdlan.
Guns and so forth, guns and so forth came to be.
Play annotation Qeył ghetnuyi niłk'uch' yethdi shughu na’a nak'qizdlan t'i.
At that time we also acquired various kinds of tools.
Play annotation Izin k’u qwa qizdlan.
Guns too came to them.
Play annotation Yegh qeydałtetl’, łik'a qeył chiłyuq.
They fired a shot there, they killed a dog.
Play annotation Ts'iłt'an quht'ana dich'anulchiłi ghuda yetnul'ani ghuda dich'anulchiłi egh deyanitsaniyel ch’u
One man, how it (bullet) comes out in order to see that as it (bullet) comes outs, he put his head by it (the gun) and
Play annotation yedałtetl'.
He fired it.
Play annotation Yeh q'u quht'ana q’u qeył chiłyuq.
And there they killed the man with it (the gun).